Living Assemblage

I wish I could whistle

Miss Saucisse de Francfort, 1937.

Augusto Rosa

Salvador Dali and his pet anteater
Sea Life of Jelly fish, and Star Fish by koiart71 on Flickr.

Hyundai Flying City Concept - “The Noah, a moving city created in order to prepare for the destruction of earth, brings us to the frontier of new technology that enables production of energy from various sources.”

Mike Parr’s performance art Swallow a lump of marble Sew a fish to your skin  Insert a small fish up your nose  Continuously drop a brick on your foot  Hold your breath until you pass out  Hold your finger in a candle flame for as long as possible  Sew a word on your arm  Let your friend bite your shoulder until blood appears  Disturb the occupants of an ordinary suburban household  Continue to lick the walls of an art gallery until your tongue bleeds and you leave blood on the wall